Satellite Phone Renatal:cell phone rental, satellite phone rental
Satellite Phone Renatal:cell phone rental, satellite phone rental
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When you're traveling the globe and need a reliable system to keep you in touch with your business or family, a satellite phone can help you help you will all your communication needs.

Military Specials
Military Specials

A Satellite Phone can ensure communication where there are no such standards in place.

If you need a phone for a limited time, and would rather rent a satellite phone than buy one, Satellite Phone Source can provide you with rentals at bargain prices! Getting an international cell phone rental or satellite phone rental can add security as well as convenience to your next international trip.

Click Here for More Information The first new service to be launched on the Inmarsat-4 satellites will be BGAN - the first mobile satellite service to deliver broadband data and voice, simultaneously through one device, to almost anywhere on the planet. Based on IP technology, BGAN will deliver data rates of up to half a megabit.

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Satellite Phone Rentals and Sales

With full global coverage, the powerful Iridium 9505 satellite phone from Motorola is the smallest and most powerful satellite phone available. We have a large rental fleet but be sure to call for availability.

Also, be sure to ask us how you can purchase your own Iridium Satellite Phone for our great low price.

Satellite Phones: The Freedom to Talk

It’s hard to imagine the world without the kind of mobile communications infrastructure that surrounds us today. Cell phones and satellite phones have carved an indelible place in our lifestyles, developing their markets. However, a cell phone is completely different from a satellite phone. You can talk on the cell phone wherever your service provider has a network. The satellite phone, however, was developed for very different reasons. Satellite phones allow you to talk from anywhere in the world; be it the densest of forests or the most rural countryside. With the world getting smaller and technology reaching new heights of advancements, travel into such remote places had led to the development of the satellite phone communication infrastructure.

Satellite Phone Rentals and Sales
If you are looking for satellite phones or satellite phone rentals, Satellite Phone Source offers the best in global personal communications. We offer satellite phones, rentals, high-speed data solutions and GSM cellular phone rentals. Whether you are on African safari, climbing mount Everest or on vacation with your family, we can keep you in touch with your world no matter where you are going.

Types of Satellite Phone Systems

Due to the uniqueness of satellite phones not many have attained success with their products. We offer satellite phone sales as well as satellite phone rentals for some of the most dependable ones in the market.

Inmarsat was a pioneer in the satellite phone development field. They have a highly advanced infrastructure and the Inmarsat satellite phone communication network provides coverage to 98% of the planet with access to international dial-up telephone, fax, and data networks.

Iridium was re-introduced by Motorola in 2001. Iridium has over 50 satellites, each of which is able to circle the globe approximately every 2 hours, ensuring communication capacities from anywhere on the planet. Iridium is one of the most popular brands on the satellite phone market today.

If you are a business traveler, chances are that the GlobalStar satellite phone will fulfill most of your needs. The system has been designed in such a fashion that the phones are able to switch effortlessly between cellular networks and the satellite phone network. Globalstar and Inmarsat offer high speed data and fax transfer features in addition to voice capabilities.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from any of the brands we carry. Whether you are on African safari, climbing Mount Everest or on vacation with your family, we can keep you in touch with your world no matter where you are going.



An accessory turns any mobile phone into a satellite phone

  • The satellite phone global coverage provides voice and data
  • Go iridium is a network access point Iridium satellite
  • It provides voice and data connection to the mobile in areas without coverage
Go Iridium accessory to convert a conventional phone into a satellite phone.

Go Iridium accessory to convert a conventional phone into a satellite phone.

Iridium is a satellite network for telephony designed and commissioning originally by Motorola. It has 66 satellites orbiting the Earth providing coverage for voice and data and has half a million customers worldwide, a fairly modest especially compared with customers of conventional mobile telephone number. The company has announced recently it will begin marketing Iridium Go , a portable accessory that let you use the satellite network Iridium from any conventional mobile phone. it works similar to popular points MiFi access that connect to 3G data networks and 4G to provide Internet access to computers and tablets over wifi. in this case, Iridium Go connects to the satellite network while creating a wireless coverage area around which can connect up to five devices simultaneously . So a mobile phone without coverage will work and will link up through the Iridium satellites.

Satellite Phones

Despite the popularity of mobile phones, the signal coverage through which function remains limited. And what is even more global and if it is intended that a mobile useful in remote or sparsely populated areas or when you are in the ocean.When you need to use a mobile phone anywhere in the world without relying on coverage Mobile option often over the use of satellite phones . Unlike mobile telephony, which uses antennas on earth, the satellite phone establishes connections for voice and data through a set of satellites orbiting the earth about 800 km height, providing global coverage. still satellite phones are more expensive than high – end mobile phones. Also the price per minute of communications is higher, although satellite telephony there are no concepts of international calls or roaming or roaming .

The satellite phone is used almost exclusively in very specific situations

However, the satellite phone is used almost exclusively in very specific situations where communications are vital. The industry freight by sea, energy or mining, exploration and sports competitions and government use, military and news agencies, are some examples of regular users, although anyone can access the service and use their advantages and capacity.

Limiting data connection

The satellite connection has however some limitations, the most important on the data connection . Iridium was originally designed for voice communications, but has been adapted to make it possible to send text messages (similar to SMS) and to provide data connection. Albeit with a very limited capacity and transfer speeds similar to modems or having data connections in the mid-90s, about 2.4 kbps ,comparatively, a 4G connection ‘ normalita ‘is capable of transferring 40,000 kbps- Iridum although the connection is ensured at any time and place. the purpose of Iridium Go is not to replace or compete with ADSL data connections, fiber, radio or 3G and 4G, but provide reliable data connection for exceptional and emergency situations , providing a connection through which you can send text and email messages when you are in remote locations beyond the reach of other means of communication.

Connecting to the Internet in places without internet signal

BBC team trying to connect to the Internet in the middle of a desert in Morocco.
Image captionA BBC team tries to connect to the Internet in the middle of a desert in Morocco.

In recent years, satellite technology has enabled communication in remote areas, but often the cost of equipment and call charges were very expensive.

With time and the progress of these costs they have been reduced technology, although not yet accessible to any pocket.

BBC journalist with a satellite housing in a desert of Morocco
Image captionThe hard part is not connected to a TV, but pay.

A team of technology enthusiasts BBC was lost in a desert of Morocco to try connecting to the internet for less than US $ 2,250.

Here are three ways to do this in the middle of nowhere: on top of a mountain, in the middle of the ocean or from an uninhabited island.

Although sometimes there to go to exotic places: it would do so from one of many towns not so lost but offline.

A mini satellite antenna for about $ 1,150

The iSavi, Inmarsat, is you probably the world’s smallest satellite dish.

It does not work well on the move, so it must be on a firm surface.

Image captionIs this the world’s smallest satellite dish? The iSavi measures 17,9cm x 17 x 3.

The device connects directly to the Inmarsat satellite network that is just above and so allows you to use the internet through an application on your phone to send text messages and make calls using any smartphone.

You can also create a wireless network that reaches a radius of 30 meters.

According told the BBC Nick Whitehead, a leading satellite communications company Inmarsat, this device offers a data connection 200 to 300 kilobytes, which is not easily pemite relay video but Internet browsing.

Once the device is properly oriented, an application on the phone helps you to establish the satellite connection.

And the cost of this equipment is starting to come down: talk on phone costs about US $ 0.90 per minute.

Connect to the Internet is much more expensive, about US $ 4.6 per megabyte. Per still can be much cheaper than what some phone companies would charge you if you did for roaming in an area with coverage.

A “jacket” for US $ 1,050 satellite

Another option to connect to the Internet in the middle of nowhere is SATcase, a protective sheath becomes “satellite” any smartphone.

It costs about $ 1,050 but saves you having to carry two phones.

satellite housing SATcase
Image captionThe SATcase has an emergency button when you press it sends your GPS coordinates.

Functioning as a kind of “jacket” on your phone, you still have access to most of your applications, emails, contacts and other paraphernalia.

This “jacket” would allow you, for example, send a photo from the top of Everest.

You can use the SATcase with an annual contract or a prepaid card.

Another advantage of this device is that it can switch between the satellite connection and the telephone, if you’re in a place where there is none.

Even without harboring a phone housing itself is useful in an emergency situation, because it has its own battery and features a red emergency button when you press it sends your GPS coordinates to someone who, hopefully, can do something to assist you.

If you hold down sends the message that you’re in trouble.

A “traditional” satellite phone

The company Iridium satellite phone
Image captionSatellite phones cost about US $ 1,000, depending on the model and the company.

Buy a “traditional” satellite phone, for example an Iridium or Thuraya, around US $ 1,000. Then you have to add the additional costs of having a monthly calling plan. The cost per minute is $ 7.79 for calls to other satellite phones do not.

Thuraya also offers its own satellite, “housing” call SatSleeve for Android and iPhone smartphones.

This housing uses Thuraya satellite connection, which the company covering 140 countries.

practical uses

These technologies can appeal to consumers who spend time in areas without coverage and compensates for them to invest in satellite equipment for safety reasons.

They also generate interest among small NGOs working in remote and disaster areas, because being light equipment can keep channels open at the same time allow worker mobility communication.

In any case, you whether you come for security or to update your status on Facebook, the cost can connect directly to satellites is entering gradually into the orbit of the consumer.

Mobile Satellite Internet comes to Colombia

The company Inmarsat launched the country’s first mobile satellite communication system, BGAN (Broadband Global Network, for its acronym in English), which provides telephone communication and Web access from laptops and other devices.

In this way, users can access from places where even hit the electricity supply to all Internet services (Web, email, messaging, access to corporate networks, video conferencing, streaming video and audio, etc.) and additionally use the service as a satellite phone or Internet phone.

Until a few weeks ago, have access to high speed internet it was not possible in certain parts of the country: in remote rural areas, which do not reach telephone networks and much less cable television, it was almost impossible to connect to the Net .

The only alternatives were fixed and mobile satellite connection through data plans of mobile operators. But the first does not offer mobility requiring some companies (media, oil exploration, humanitarian brigades, etc.), while access via cell phone that is offered in Colombia reaches maximum of 120 kilobits per second (Kbps) speeds.

The BGAN terminals (equivalent to the modems on other connections) have a maximum size similar to a laptop. These small devices can be connected to laptops, handheld computers, smart phones and cell via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Aurelio Gómez, CEO of Inmarsat in Latin America, said ?? BGAN offers Internet services in areas where other services are not present. The terminals can be recharged in areas without electricity, using solar panels or battery of a vehicle ??.

Internet signal or telephony reaches 85 percent of the territory of the planet and 98 percent of the world population, through I-4 satellites Inmarsat, and now reaches speeds up to 492 Kbps, with guaranteed rates 256Kbps.

The service is aimed at companies ?? not home users, for their high costs ??, and according to Aurelio Gómez major markets are the media (its customers include the BBC and CNN), petroleum exploration companies , mining, construction and military and police forces. In Colombia, Inmarsat already has customers in almost all these sectors.

The service charge for consumption. For example, one minute of satellite telephone communication worth about 1,800 pesos (is billed in dollars), the videoconferencing service has a value of 20,000 to 40,000 pesos according to the required quality of service and price of Internet access starts at 10,000 pesos per megabyte (MB) transferred.

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